Long Island Wedding Photography, by 516Pics Wedding Photographer, Ruben Gorjian.

Memories are priceless; therefore choosing the right photographer is crucial. Photography is what will carry your memories through the generations. Ruben Gorjian is a leading photographer in the wedding movement. His love for photography revolves around the relationships that he builds. He is a master at capturing the beauty and joy of life. His methods combine a photojournalistic approach with a sense of playfulness and storytelling. His clients love his passion, energy, fun visionary style along with his professionalism. His interest in photography started very early when he was often playing with his Dad’s old Canon A-1. He realized that he had found a profession in which he loved what he was doing while still inspired to create art at the same time. Ruben has photographed a variety of events ranging from Engagement Party, Bridal Shower to traditional weddings. Ruben sees a wedding day as much more than a ceremony-it is an entire experience. These experiences all come together to create the complete story of your wedding day. The idea is to create the most beautiful and artistic documentation of this experience. He captures the moment-by-moment, candid perspectives of a client’s wedding experience. All those small moments that so often go unnoticed – the bride’s laugh, the groom gazing at his bride without her knowing – are remembered forever. He will never ask a client to step out of the moment; rather he encourages them to be themselves. The wedding process is an intimate one which often leads to friendships. A one on one session with a client is almost like a blind date, so to speak. In turn, Ruben wants clients to leave with a sense of closeness and trust that is sure to come upon spending time with him.

“We Live our Experiences through Memory, Story...& Imagery those Experiences are nearly Moments and are Gone in Just an Instance....”

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